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Learning Ruby on Rails

Original Date: October 1, 2013

I finished Michael Hartl’s intro series to Ruby on Rails.

In the process, I learned a lot about the web in general and website design.

I also learned a lot (and I mean a lot) about patience! Turns out attempting to do a tutorial written in 2010 in 2013 is hard given the blinding rate at which Ruby and its gems are updated.

I also learned about command line use, Github, Heroku, Git, Ruby, and lots of other stuff. The series is quite comprehensive!

The end result is this website. Check it out,

And the source code is on Github.

The site will not win any web design awards, but I am pretty happy with it. Pictures are included at the end of this post in case the site doesn’t work in the future.

Here are links to the tutorial:

  • Ebook
  • Webcast (YouTube playlist)


generic home page, image

signup page image

successful signup image

all members image

a member’s profile image

on follow image

people you follow

personalized home page image

making a post image

settings page image

Update (May 2015):

The screencasts used to be available on YouTube. I actually never touched the e-book preferring videos to pages on pages of text. Too bad they were taken down. Seems that the videos are now available only if purchased =/. Well, at least the book is still free…