Musings of a Fondue

Custom Windows Sounds

Original Date: November 14, 2014

My mom was commenting on a sound effect her Windows account makes on error. I found it hilarious cause it sounds like the noise some chibi thing would make after being poked.

And it got me thinking… All the possibilities…

If you get sounds from X thing you like (music, TV show, real life, etc.) and then snip it with Audacity, or any other free sound editing program… You can create a custom sound for each notification!

I kept it simple and just changed the login sound on my account to something a bit too cheesy to share, and the ‘empty recycle bin’ to Attack on Titan’s theme because permanently deleting your files is epic business!

I was going to put this “Kaneda” sound (link has major spoilers if you haven’t watched the movie Akira) as my error sound but realized that would get annoying pretty fast.