The Evolving Role of Social Media in News Organizations [LIVE Q&A]

Posted by Bill 3 Hours ago | 20 comments

A few years ago, news organizations were unsure about social. Journalists were apprehensive to create Twitter accounts and media companies questioned whether a branded Facebook fan page was necessary.

Tags: Evolving Role, Social Media, News Organizations

Battlefield 3 Has Record Opening Weekend Despite Tech Woes

Posted by Olivia 1 hour ago | 36 comments

Battlefield 3, a new first-person shooter video game from EA and DICE, has hit the ground running with great sales numbers and a slew of online problems. The game, released Oct. 25, was hit with serious problems...

Tags: Battlefield, Opening Weekend, Tech Woes

Apple Gives its Key Execs $400 Million in Bonuses

Posted by Vanessa 4 Hours Ago | 27 comments

Apple has awarded seven of its key executives with massive stock grants worth approximately $400 million. In total, six Apple SVPs have been awarded 150,000 shares of Apple for their services, according to recent...

Tags: Apple, Executive Pay, Bonus

How 5 Tech Giants are Giving Back to Education

Posted by Theo 30 Minutes ago | 15 comments

Melissa Jun Rowley is a television and online journalist and social entepreneur. Her writing has been featured on CBS News, Discovery News, LA Weekly, and others and she has produced and reported for CNN...

Tags: Tech Giants, Giving Back, Education

7 Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience With Social Media

Posted by James 3 Hours ago | 32 comments

There's bad news and good news about the way consumers interact with brands on social media. The bad news? When customers complain on social media, those complains can tanish your brand's name for a...

Tags: Customer Experience, Social Media Watchlist Predicts Fall TV Shows Success

Posted by Rudy 5 Hours ago | 19 comments

Nine of the top 10 new fall TV shoes on's Watchlist were picked up for a second season, illustrating the platform's success in predicting hits, said Christy Tanner, EVP and general manager of TV...

Tags: TV Shows, Fall Lineup

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