Musings of a Fondue

C++ With ChiliTomatoNoodle

A brief but interesting relationship…

I needed to learn C++ to use Cinder. So I googled C++ for beginners, and came across Chili’s playlist - Beginner C++ DirectX Game Programming Tutorial Series.

I followed the series and got up to lesson 13. The prospect of using bmp files to write some text on a screen was not an interesting thing to hear. Why could I not just type it? Or of specifying things at the pixel level. Why could I not just upload a picture…

I started getting impatient with the low level focus… and jumped ship to JavaScript and the allure of Chrome Experiments.

I may revisit the series and finish it on a future date …


▱ A tic tac toe game

▱ A Nyan Cat game 

I used Excel (the tool I was most familiar with at the time) to design the sprites. The sprites are based on the game Nyan Cat Fly (with the exception of the puppy =) who is an original). The pixel numbers are based on this image.