Passionate developer capable of diving deep at any level of the software-hardware stack to find elegant solutions and resolve problems at the root
JavaScript | HTML5/CSS3/WebGL | Python | C
Ruby | Java | C# | C++ | VHDL | Verilog | Assembly | GLSL
Git | Linux | KiCad | LTspice | ModelSim | Quartus | Adobe Creative Suite | Blender
HTML5 Music Video
Recreated the 3D visuals of a popular music video using VanillaJS, Three.js, and Web Audio API
Links – demo | article | source
Interactive Sketches
Created several visualizations and interactive programs using VanillaJS, HTML5 Canvas, and Processing API
Links – demos | source
Personal Website
Built and maintain a static site using Jekyll/Octopress, Liquid, Ruby, and jQuery
Links – demo
Intel 8080 Emulator
Developed an emulator for the Intel 8080 CPU using Python and Tkinter
Wrote a simple assembler and debugger to aid with development
Ported Tiny BASIC to test correctness and provide a user interface
Links – article | source
FPGA Implementation of a CPU
Implemented the Ben Eater CPU in VHDL
Integrated a UART to facilitate communication with other devices
Tested the design with ModelSim, and realized it on an Altera Cyclone
Links – article | source
McMaster University / Honours Bachelor of Commerce / 2013
Other Interests
Visual art | Creative coding | Right to repair