JavaScript | HTML5/CSS3/WebGL | Python | C
Ruby | Java | C# | C++ | GLSL | Assembly | VHDL | Verilog
Recurse Center Remote (New York, NY)
Participant Feb - May 2021
Broadened programming knowledge by exploring topics such as WebGL/GLSL and OS/CPU memory management, participating in talks and workshops, and pairing with peers in impromptu, recurring, and one-off events.
Ongoing contributions to the open source creative coding library p5.js, with a focus on making the WebGL (3D) component more accessible through documentation and bug squashing (core, website, editor).
Ongoing collaboration creating interactive visualizations, using p5.js, aimed at building intuition on fundamental quantum computing concepts (demos, source).
Personal Website
Built and maintain a static site using Jekyll/Octopress, Liquid, Ruby, and jQuery.
Interactive Sketches
Created several visualizations and interactive programs using VanillaJS, HTML5 Canvas, and Processing API.
Intel 8080 Emulator
Developed an emulator for the Intel 8080 CPU using Python and Tkinter. Wrote a simple assembler and debugger to aid with development. Ported Tiny BASIC to test correctness and provide a user interface.
FPGA Implementation of a CPU
Implemented the Ben Eater CPU in VHDL. Integrated a UART to facilitate communication with other devices. Tested the design with ModelSim, and physically realized it on an Altera Cyclone.
McMaster University / Honours Bachelor of Commerce / 2013
Other Interests
Visual art | Creative coding | Right to repair