Musings of a Fondue

Augmented Reality

I came across James Alliban’s work on Augmented Reality,

Here’s his full article including the demo in the video. And while you are there, his projects are amazing!

After watching several of his videos I was inspired to try it out. I found these two awesome tutorials on getting started,

And created a mockup. Play with it here

You need this pattern,


1) Turns out I had to use the first release of the toolkit

What worked,

What I initially got,

Before realizing this, I kept getting a lot of errors as many of the functions and references were invalid. At some point I started adding individual files and their dependencies manually. At which point I isolated that all woes were due to the version I was using. Thus one of my earliest, (and recurring lessons) - version matters.
On the plus side, I ended up learning a lot about libraries, updates, contributors etc.

2) Used Mr.doob's sweet Voxels program to design the 3D shape

Full post on this here


At the time, I didn’t know HTML too well, so I just copied (with reference!) the HTML part from James' live demo.

4) In action...

Pardon the lame video quality…