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Open CV

Image from this video

I am interested in making a game that relies on hand gestures being detected by a webcam. In search for how to go about this, I came across videos like this and this which used Open CV to detect hand gestures.

I then found this tutorial series on YouTube. In the process of working through it I learned a lot! Checkout the series if you want a great intro to Open CV.

Since this is one of the few times the only time I managed to keep a dev log, I present it below.

Also, here are the main videos in the tutorial series,

 1 ~ 1st Object Recognition and Tracking program
 2 ~ OpenCV 2.x Objects and Functions
 5 ~ Emgu CV with C#
 6 ~ Emgu CV with Visual Basic
 7 ~ Face and Eye Detection
 8 ~ Pedestrian Detection using Histogram of Oriented Gradients
 9 ~ Shape Detection and Color Filtering
10 ~ Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
11 ~ Object Detection and Tracking via SURF (Speeded Up Robust Features)

Dev Log

Day1_Feb18_Tutorial 1 -> Strange, know gonna have to debug but not as intimidated anymore haha. Shall see how long this lasts -> C++, why so cryptic? Things like void, char* are definitely gonna take some time getting used to. Day2_Feb19_Tutorial 5 -> C# is so pretty!! (relative to C++) Day3_Feb20_Tutorial 7 -> Familiar stomach tightening as see the VB code I need to rewrite in C# Day4_Feb21 -> Tutorial 7, Finished \o/ and it works -> Tutorial 8, whoa flew through that one -> Tutorial 9, 50 min... Kinda cool, when looking for shape pics came across this ITP class Day5_Feb22 -> A week eh? -> Built in error highlighter (that gives tips) is a lifesaver, otherwise would be completely stranded in attempt to convert language -> Finished Tutorial9 -> Tutorial 10, nice and short -> Internet fail lol!!! Tutorial 11 for 2mrrw... Day6_Feb23 -> Started looking at source. Seeing if possible to port some parts -> Also at the examples that came with the Learning OpenCV book -> Gameplan...see if can get hand gesture recognition to work and move forward from there... Day7_Feb24 -> Really pushing to finish Tutorial 11 -_-!! Day9_Feb26 -> Finished Tutorial 11 \o/ -> Works despite dim lighting and low res webcam! -> Can it detect product placement in movies?