Musings of a Fondue

Teardown - Car Radio

Ever wondered what the inside of a car radio looks like?

The radio

Top panel removed,
Top with panel removed

Rear panel,
Rear (acts as heatsink)

Rear (acts as heatsink)

Front panel,
Front panel

Rear of front panel,
Front panel (rear)

More front panel images,
Front panel

Front panel knob

Front panel

Radio without top, rear, and front panels,
Radio with rear, top, and front panels removed

Innards of radio,
Innards (hand is holding CD tray)


Some videos,
Top and back panel removed


How the buttons appear to glow (something to do with light refraction in the clear plastic and rubber) How the buttons seem to glow

For more epic teardowns, where they actually explain what you are looking at and how it works, checkout awesome YouTube channels like EEVBlog and Mike’s Electric Stuff. They take apart and sometimes repair epic things like flight recorders, defibrillators, X-Ray machines, POS pin pads, photocopiers, and phonebooths.