Musings of a Fondue

Skype and Privacy

I had always relied on auto-login to use Skype. Then the day came.
The day I was asked for my password. After years of auto-login, I had no clue.

Not only did I not know my password, I had no idea which email address I used to create my account. My collection of email addresses was not being particularly helpful.

Desperate to find my password, I went digging through the ‘dark zone’ of program files. What resulted was one of those simultaneously awesome and unnerving discoveries.

Enter Sublime Text and a plugin called HexViewer. (Though any free hex editor will do just as well).

Meet this folder,

And look what I found!
Every single conversation I have ever had on Skype.

hexEditor meets Skype

Every. Single. One.

good gracious

Holy Sh**!

At this point in time, I’m feeling like some badass hacker.
Reading hexadecimal like plain English - Ooooowwee!

badass hacker

The implication here is quite something. As long as someone has access to your computer, they are able to read your Skype messages without needing to log in to Skype! All they need is a hex editor o_O!

About the password:

I wasn’t able to find my password. Turns out it’s usually stored in the config.xml file but was not present in mine. Possibly the reason auto-login stopped working!


HexViewer is awesome!!!

It’s like instant badass!!