Musings of a Fondue

Holy Grail

This book has everything!

In2 Physics

Well, at least most of what I’ve been trying to pick up from YouTube channels and websites like Sixty Symbols, Derek Owens, The Royal Institution, Physics Classroom, Khan Academy - the list goes on!

I came across it via these awesome videos on YouTube and was blown away by all the content it contains!

It's a high school textbook...


A great one, but ouch!
I quickly picked my pride off the floor and set forth to learn it!

Every. Single. Page.

all the pages

The content is pretty epic. And damn comprehensive! I’m aiming to finish it in two months time… Shall see how that goes.

Side note

The book was unnecessarily difficult to get the book outside Australia. Especially considering that a digital version quite obviously exists!

<begin rant>
Dear Pearson, have you heard of this newfangled thing called e-books and online distribution? JICYDK, shipping makes your books prohibitively expensive outside Australia.
</end rant>