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On Forking Meatspace

I decided to fork Meatspace (see previous post) because I wanted to host a private chatroom that I could use with friends.

As usual, it was not as straightforward as just download and use.

I ran into a few hurdles. What follows are the steps I took to get it working on Heroku. Heroku allows you to host your apps for free, so feel free to use this as a guide for setting up your own chatroom.

Speed Test - Raspberry PI

We were having some problems with consistent internet speed. I wanted to see how it varied over time by gathering a week’s worth of data and visualizing it with D3.

One option was to manually run the speed tests periodically. A more sane option, was to have a program do this.

I didn’t want to leave my computer forever on to accomplish this. And there was a Raspberry Pi sitting unused, that could stay running for days on end happily. So Pi it was.

But how to write such a program?