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A Simple Arduino Game

I made a game.

It’s a combination of two tutorials. The game mechanics are based on the LED Game tutorial by PyroElectro. The use of Processing to show the score and time is based on Jeremy Blum’s tutorial.


  • Press button when middle LED is on
  • Points get per hit depend on how fast the wave is going (1 to maximum of 7)
  • Speed of the wave increases as time elapses. It is also adjustable at any time with the potentiometer
  • At 30 seconds remaining, player gets alerted (LEDs blink and Processing display starts pulsing)

Arduino game

Tetris Theme Song Using Processing

If you have Processing installed, I highly recommend going through the examples included. There’s a lot of interesting stuff hiding there.

If not, download it. I promise you won’t regret it!

This project was based on one of these examples* which plays the Happy Birthday song. I managed to tweak it to play the Tetris theme song. (And felt like a million bucks haha.)

Here it is live


Unsigned Java applications no longer work on web browsers (at least not without much effort). So here's a recording of it I made using Audacity,