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Speed Test - UI

In the previous post, I used a Raspberry PI to gather a week’s worth of internet speed data.

I have a rough idea of what I want the D3 visualization to look like. My main inspiration is this one by Joseph Nudell where he visualizes his texting habits.

For the user interface I wanted big and fancy buttons and knobs. I searched the interwebs and came across several awesome Photoshop tutorials. My initial plan was to learn from them so that I could create my own custom designs from scratch. Learn I did but for now I will work with the designs from the tutorials and put my focus on the CSS.

A GUI for FFmpeg

Similar idea as my previous GUI for Youtube-dl.

I wanted a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to interact with FFmpeg instead of using it through the command line.

Specifically, I was interested in using FFmpeg to capture frames from a video. (I do this often for sequences I’m interested in animating.)

This is how it came out.

Also, this time around I tried to make a tutorial for how to go about it. It’s not the greatest so I’m not going to direct link it. But at least if you search for “windows GUI tutorial” on YouTube, there’ll be one more playlist out there to help you out.

A GUI for Youtube-dl

I came across Youtube-dl while looking for a safe way to download YouTube videos. Youtube-dl is a project on Github and the code is public, so I assumed it was safe.

The interface however is through the command line. This is kinda cool because you learn a bit about using the console. It also looks fancy/hacker-ish to someone walking by when it’s running even though all you’re doing is downloading some videos.

However, the command line use makes it something that I cannot give others to use. Also, having to remember the arguments to pass each time you want to use it is unideal.

I wanted to make a simple app that allows you to use Youtube-dl through a GUI (Graphical User Interface). I wasn’t sure how to do this, but I recalled reading a post by Avery Lee where he explained that C++ and Win32 was what he had used to make VirtualDub. So I googled that and came across several tutorial series on YouTube on making Windows GUI applications.