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Three.js Armada Music Video

I wanted to recreate this music video in Three.js. The effects in the video are straightforward, yet mesmerizing. And the simple shapes used seemed like something I could duplicate.

Check out the end result!
Speakers / headphones are a must!

On my computer, the demo works and is in-synch with the original music video. However, there seems to be variance depending on the machine it’s run on. Also, it has only been tested for Chrome (desktop) and Firefox (desktop). So I hope it works when you view it…

Blender X Python

Did you know Blender uses Python?!

I had created a shape on Blender and wanted to export its vertices for use in another program. Not sure how to go about it, I Googled for ideas and came across this StackExchange answer.

It was a small Python script that did just that. And, I understood it!? And even tweaked it!