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JT Nimoy's C++ Tutorial

I came across this great two part tutorial on C++ by JT Nimoy.

It’s brief, but covers a lot in that short amount of time.

Bonus, you get to learn C++ from a member of the team that worked on the amazing VFX of Tron Legacy.

Here’s an article by JT Nimoy on the software they wrote to render some of the VFX seen in the movie.

Open CV

Image from this video

I am interested in making a game that relies on hand gestures being detected by a webcam. In search for how to go about this, I came across videos like this and this which used Open CV to detect hand gestures.

I then found this tutorial series on YouTube. In the process of working through it I learned a lot! Checkout the series if you want a great intro to Open CV.

Since this is one of the few times the only time I managed to keep a dev log, I present it below.