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Tag: Heroku

My First Flask App

I was trying to get a project I had done earlier up and running on this blog. (Click the picture to see it in action.)

The project relied on a CGI file written in Python being executed by the server.

I first tried a simple upload of my files to Heroku hoping that everything would just automagically work… ha! Of course it didn’t work. What follows is the series of adventures it took to get it working.

On Forking Meatspace

I decided to fork Meatspace (see previous post) because I wanted to host a private chatroom that I could use with friends.

As usual, it was not as straightforward as just download and use.

I ran into a few hurdles. What follows are the steps I took to get it working on Heroku. Heroku allows you to host your apps for free, so feel free to use this as a guide for setting up your own chatroom.