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Phone Repair: Part 3 - Screen Deux

Remember how I bought the screen/digitizer/frame assembly so I wouldn’t have to deal with glue. Well,

dat gap

dat gap

To fix this, I bought some double sided adhesive (3M’s 3mm 300LSE). Whether this is the best tape for the job or not, I can’t say.


I also bought better tools for opening the phone. This time there were no broken tabs. Using the right tool makes an unbelievable difference!

I did an okay job applying the tape. There is slightly too much on one side, resulting in a small line where the backlight still leaks through.




We will see how well the glue holds up in a week or two of use. If it does a good job, I might consider going at it again to get a perfect seal.

Tools used for this repair:

  • spudger (essential for removing the back cover and battery)
  • heat gun (or blowdrier) for softening adhesives
  • 3M double sided tape (3mm 300LSE)
  • X-Acto knife (for cutting the tape. Can get by with scissors but nice to have)

— Review —

I give the assembly a final rating of 3/5.


  • The key dimensions are within tolerance, allowing for parts to snap in with no difficulty.


  • Weak tape is used to attach the screen/digitizer to the frame.
  • The frame damages easily. The plastic is weaker than the OEM, and is prone to chipping.

Both issues can be mitigated by always keeping the phone in a case. Though the assembly is not perfect, being able to buy a replacement for the exact phone model is still pretty neat!