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Games for the Computer

I hope to run some of the games for the PICO-8 fantasy console on my Homebrew Computer. For example,

The developers have spent a lot of time writing the code, designing the graphics and gameplay, and creating the music to make the games beautiful and fun. While they are not as CPU/GPU intensive as your typical AAA titles, it would be quite an achievement if my computer can run them at a decent frame rate!

A Simple Arduino Game

I made a game.

It’s a combination of two tutorials. The game mechanics are based on the LED Game tutorial by PyroElectro. The use of Processing to show the score and time is based on Jeremy Blum’s tutorial.


  • Press button when middle LED is on
  • Points get per hit depend on how fast the wave is going (1 to maximum of 7)
  • Speed of the wave increases as time elapses. It is also adjustable at any time with the potentiometer
  • At 30 seconds remaining, player gets alerted (LEDs blink and Processing display starts pulsing)

Arduino game

Tic Tac Toe

My brother asked me if I could make a tic tac toe game for the command line.

It wasn’t long before I got bored with the its limitations and moved on to the glorious world of sound, color, animation, and mouse/touch interaction that is HTML5!

And this,

_____ _____ _____ | | | | | X | | | |_____|_____|_____| | | | | | | O | | |_____|_____|_____| | | | | | | | X | |_____|_____|_____|

Became this,

Play the game here
Make sure your sound is on!

HTML5 Game

I wanted to get better with JavaScript and Canvas so I did another game tutorial series.

This time, it was Gyrostorm’s YouTube series, ‘HTML5 Game Development Tutorial.

The series is quite good! Check it out if you’re starting out!

Here is my end result, sort-of. Press ‘B’ to fire, WASD or ULDR to move, and Spacebar for a special *cough something.